Solar Panel Tabbing Wire for Enhanced Longevity in Solar Applications

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√ Brand DONGKE
√ Product origin HANGZHOU,CHINA
√ Delivery time 7-15DAYS
√ Supply capacity 90T/Month
Technical Features of PV ribbon for solar cell product
Electrolytic flat copper wire of high purity 99.95%, smooth, brilliant, cleaning. Out of scales and strokes, plated by dipping with tin and lead, or other lead-free chemicals compositions.

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About Tabbing Ribbon & Bus bar Ribbon

PV ribbon is composed of Copper and coating alloys, and divided into Tabbing Ribbon and Bus bar ribbon.

1. Tabbing Ribbon

Tabbing Ribbon commonly connects the positive and negative sides of the cells in series.

2. Bus bar Ribbon

Bus bar Ribbon concentrates the cell stringing into junction box and channels electrical current.

About Coating Alloy:

The coating type is determined by the customer’s design and demand. It is divided into leaded and dead-free coating. At moment the leaded coating type is widely used, but in the future it will be developed to lead-free coating type.


W X T Base Copper Coat per side Width Thickness
2.3x0.13 0.1000 0.0150 TU1, T2  +/-0.05  +/-0.015
2.3x0.15 0.1000 0.0250 TU1, T2
2.5x0.15 0.1000 0.0250 TU1, T2  +/-0.05  +/-0.015
2.5x0.18 0.1250 0.0275 TU1, T2
2.5x2.0 0.1500 0.0250 TU1, T2
3.0x0.10 0.0700 0.0150 TU1, T2  +/-0.05  +/-0.015
3.0x0.15 0.1000 0.0250 TU1, T2
3.0x0.20 0.1500 0.0250 TU1, T2
3.0x0.25 0.2000 0.0250 TU1, T2
4.0x0.15 0.1500 0.0250 TU1, T2  +/-0.05  +/-0.015
4.0x0.20 0.1500 0.0250 TU1, T2
5.0x0.15 0.1000 0.0250 TU1, T2  +/-0.05  +/-0.015
5.0x0.20 0.1500 0.0250 TU1, T2
5.0x0.30 0.2500 0.0250 TU1, T2
5.0x0.35 0.3000 0.0250 TU1, T2
6.0x0.15 0.1000 0.0250 TU1, T2  +/-0.05  +/-0.015
6.0x0.18 0.1500 0.0150 TU1, T2
6.0x0.20 0.1500 0.0250 TU1, T2
6.0x0.23 0.1800 0.0250 TU1, T2
6.0x0.25 0.2000 0.0250 TU1, T2
6.0x0.30 0.2500 0.0250 TU1, T2
6.0x0.35 0.3000 0.0250 TU1, T2
7.0x0.25 0.2000 0.0250 TU1, T2  +/-0.05  +/-0.015
7.0x0.30 0.2500 0.0250 TU1, T2
8.0x0.20 0.1500 0.0250 TU1, T2  +/-0.05  +/-0.015
8.0x0.25 0.2000 0.0250 TU1, T2
8.0x0.30 0.2500 0.0250 TU1, T2
8.0x0.40 0.3500 0.0250 TU1, T2

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Tabbing Wire 1
Solar ribbon 2
Solar ribbon 3


1.Why choose XinDongke Solar?

We established the business department and a warehouse which covers 6660 square meters in Fuyang, Zhejiang. Advanced technology, professional manufacture, and excellent quality. 100% A grade cells with ±3% power tolerance range. High module conversion efficiency, low module price Anti-reflective and high viscous EVA High light transmission Anti-reflective glass 10-12 years product warranty, 25 years limited power warranty. Strong productive ability and quick delivery.

2.What are your products lead time ?

10-15days fast delivery.

3.Do you have some cerfiticates ?

Yes, we have ISO 9001, TUV nord for our Solar Glass, EVA film, Silicone sealant etc.

4.How can I get a sample for quality testing?

We can provide some free small size samples for customers to make a testing. Sample shipping fees should be paid by customers. kindly notes.

5.What kind of solar glass can we choose?

1) Thickness available: 2.0/2.5/2.8/3.2/4.0/5.0mm solar glass for solar panels. 2) The glass used for BIPV / Greenhouse / Mirror etc. can be custom according to your request.

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