Solar ribbon cell connector bus bar wire

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√ Brand DONGKE
√ Product origin HANGZHOU,CHINA
√ Delivery time 7-15DAYS
√ Supply capacity 90T/Month
PV copper base material with high purity TUI oxygen-free copper(copper content>= 99.97%,conductivity>=100%,resistivity<=0.0165 Ω·mm2/m ),through the strict production process:Rolling-Surface cleaning-Hot tin plate- Spool/Round plate/Fixed-length cutting,that finished the PV ribbon product.

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Solar Tabbing wire Mechanical Property:

1.  Elongation: E-Soft>=20%  U-Soft>=15%

2.  Tensile strength:>=170MPa

3.  Side camber: L<=7mm/1000mm

4.  Soldering tin melting point: 180~230°C

Electric Resistivity of Copper:

TU1<=0.0618 Ω·mm2/m; T2<=0.01724 Ω·mm2/m

Core Copper of TU1 Off-Cu or ETP1:

1. Copper Purity >=99.97%, Oxygen<=10ppm

2. Resistivity: ρ20<=0.017241 Ω·mm2/m

Electric Resistivity of Ribbon:

(2.1~2.5)X10-2 Ω·mm2/m

Plated Thickness:

1) Hand-Soldering: 0.02-0.03mm per side

2) Machine-Soldering: 0.01-0.02mm per side

Solar ribbon 4
Solar ribbon 1

Composition of Plated Material:

1) Lead series products:

A.Sn 60%,  Pb 40%

B.Sn 63%,  Pb 37%

C.Sn 62%,  Pb 36%, Ag 2%

D. Sn 60%,  Pb 39.5%, Ag 0.5%

2)  Lead-free series products:

A. Sn 96.5%,  Ag 3.5%(Bi)

B. Sn 97%, Ag 3% and so on

About Tabbing Ribbon & Bus bar Ribbon

PV ribbon is composed of Copper and coating alloys, and divided into Tabbing Ribbon and Bus bar ribbon.

1. Tabbing Ribbon

Tabbing Ribbon commonly connects the positive and negative sides of the cells in series.

2. Bus bar Ribbon

Bus bar Ribbon concentrates the cell stringing into junction box and channels electrical current.

About Coating Alloy:

The coating type is determined by the customer’s design and demand. It is divided into leaded and dead-free coating. At moment the leaded coating type is widely used, but in the future it will be developed to lead-free coating type.


W X T Base Copper Coat per side Width Thickness
0.6x0.12 0.0500 0.0150 TU1  +/-0.05  +/-0.015
0.8x0.08 0.0500 0.0150 TU1
0.8x0.10 0.0500 0.0250 TU1
1.0x0.08 0.0500 0.0150 TU1  +/-0.05  +/-0.015
1.0x0.10 0.0500 0.0250 TU1
1.5x0.15 0.1000 0.0250 TU1  +/-0.05  +/-0.015
1.5x0.20 0.1500 0.0250 TU1
1.6x0.15 0.1000 0.0250 TU1  +/-0.05  +/-0.015
1.6x0.18 0.1250 0.0275 TU1
1.6x0.20 0.1500 0.0250 TU1
1.8x0.15 0.1000 0.0250 TU1  +/-0.05  +/-0.015
1.8x0.16 0.1100 0.0250 TU1
1.8x0.18 0.1250 0.0275 TU1
1.8x0.20 0.1500 0.0250 TU1
2.0x0.13 0.0800 0.0250 TU1  +/-0.05  +/-0.015
2.0x0.15 0.1000 0.0250 TU1
2.0x0.16 0.1100 0.0250 TU1
2.0x0.18 0.1250 0.0275 TU1
2.0x0.20 0.1500 0.0250 TU1

Technology Process

1,Forming of round wires to flat wires through drawing and rolling
2,Heat tretment
3,Hot-dip tinning
4,Precise spooling
Copper base is the oxygen free copper strips perssed by ultra-precision rolling equipments imported from germany
It is sleek and no bur edge, the soft hardness can be adjusted by customer requirement.
With the particular formula technology, the tin alloy coat is produced by professional hot-dipping tinning equipments imported from Japan. Coat suface is bright and even, it has atable performance and strong antioxidant which helps to imporve the welding yield. Its thickness can be adjusted by customer requirement.
The ribbon can be made to order according to solar module and it's dimension

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