0.3mm black KPF Backsheet for solar panel encapsulations.

Short Description:

The main role of the solar black backsheet is to enhance the efficiency and aesthetics of the solar panel.

Being black, it absorbs more sunlight and increases overall energy output. At the same time, it reduces reflections and glare on the panel surface.

Apart from the functional benefits, the solar black backsheet can also give the solar panel an elegant and stylish look, making it more suitable for various applications such as rooftop installation, solar farm and residential use.

When selecting a solar black backsheet, it is important to consider its durability, resistance to weather conditions, and resistance to UV degradation. A high-quality backsheet should be able to withstand the harsh outdoor environment and protect the solar cells from moisture, humidity, and mechanical damage.

Overall, solar black backsheets are an integral part of solar panel manufacturing, providing both functional and aesthetic advantages while enhancing the performance and appearance of solar panels.


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(PVDF/adhesive/PET /F-coating Backsheet):
Thickness:0.25mm, 0.3mm
Normal width: 990mm,1000mm,1050mm,1100mm,1200mm;
Colors: White/black.
Packing: 100 meters per roll or 150 meters per roll; Or Packing in pieces according to customer’s customized size.
Product Features:
▲excellent aging-resistance ▲excellent heating and humidity resistance
▲excellent water resistance ▲excellent UV resistance




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Storage Methods: Storage to avoid direct sunlight, moisture in and keep packing condition; Storage Period:
Room temperature in ambient humidity,(23±10℃,55±15%RH)12 Months.

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