Mono double glass solar cell panels bifacial panels 330W 340W 350W photovolatic modules.

Short Description:

Improved Durability and Reliability

Double tempered glass increases the module robustness to mini

mize micro-cracks

PID Free and Snail Free

Without backsheet and frame reduces the water permeability and

PID risks.

Good Performance In low Irradiance

Excellent power generation in low radiation provides better perfo

rmance in dawn, dusk and no-sun days to create more value for


Reduced System Cost

1000V higher maximum system voltage reduces BOS cost.

Longer Lifetime

Less annual power loss of 0.5% and provide 30 years performance


World Insurance

CHUBB insurance from USA

Product Detail

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12 years limited workmanship warranty.

No less than 97.5%output power in the first year.

No more than 0.5% annual declination since the second year.

30 year warranty at 83% power output.

Product liability and E&O insurance has been covered by Chubb Insurance


Typical electrical characteristics

Maximum power(Pm) W 330W 340W 350W
Optimum Operating Voltage(Vm) V 37.65 38.02 38.69
Optimum Operating Current (Im) A 8.77 8.95 9.05
Open-circuit Voltage (Voc) V 46.45 46.79 47.35
Short-circuit Current (Isc) A 9.23 9.37 9.50
Cell Efficiency % 19.10 19.80 20.30
Module efficiency % 16.90 17.41 17.93

STC (Standard Test Condition): Irradiance 1000W/m2, Module Temperature 25℃, AM=1.5

NOCT: Irradiance 800W/m2, ambient Temperature 20℃, wind speed 1m/s                                                  

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