Silicone encapsulant for solar cells pv modules

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√ Brand DONGKE
√ Product origin HANGZHOU,CHINA
√ Delivery time 7-15DAYS
√Supply capacity 30000set/day
Our silcon is designed for solar photovoltaic assembled parts designed for specific silicone sealant, adhesion for aluminium frame, terminal control box and back material. Bonding fixed is also suitable for thin-film solar cell back metal stent and glass. and other relative electronics. appliance,auto parts and measuring meters.

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The assembling of the photovoltaic module frame and laminated parts after lamination requiresclose coordination, strong connection, good sealability, and prevention of destructive liquidsand gases from entering. Connection boxes and backboards need to be well bonded, even iflong-term use under local stress page patching off. This product is a neutral curable siliconesealant specially designed and developed for the bonding requirements of solar photovoltaicmodule aluminium frame and junction box. It has excellent bonding performance, excellent agingresistance, and can effectively prevent the gas or liquid infiltration which has destructive effect.

Product Characteristics

1.Excellent bonding properties, good bonding properties for special aluminum, toughened glass,composite backplane, PPO and other materials.

2.Excellent electrical insulation and weather resistance, can be used from-40C to 200C.

3.Neutral curing, non-corrosive to most materials, strong ozone resistance and chemicalcorrosion resistance.

4.Through the double "85" high temperature and humidity test, aging resistance test, cold-hottemperature differential impact test, it has the functions of yellowing resistance, moisture-proof,environmental corrosion resistance, mechanical shock resistance, thermal shock resistance andshock resistance.

5.Passed TUV, SGS,UL,ISO 9001/ISO14001 certification.

Matters Needing Attention

Storage in a cool and dry place with ventilation below 27 C for 12 months. Before use, the adhesiveforce test and compatibility test should be done according to the

requirements of the company. Itshould not be used in base materials that leak grease, plasticizer or solvent, continuous immersion orwet place all year round, airtight place. When the surface temperature of the material is lower than 4Cor higher than 40C, sizing is not suitable. For standard construction requirements, please refer to


Product Specification
Hard Packing: 310ml Carton: 1x24 Pieces
Flexible Packing: 400~500ml Carton: 1x20 Pieces
5 Gallon Drum:25Kg
55-Gallon Drum Load: 270Kg

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