Solar ribbon wire for efficient power generation

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√ Brand DONGKE
√ Product origin HANGZHOU,CHINA
√ Delivery time 7-15DAYS
√ Supply capacity 90T/Month
Dongke RIBBON is a high quality high carbon steel cable with excellent strength, hardness and wear resistance. It is primarily used in multi-wire saw applications to efficiently cut ultra-hard crystalline materials including silicon, gallium arsenide, indium phosphide, silicon carbide and crystals.

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Dongke solar RIBBON is a kind of fine high-carbon steel wire of high strength, high hardness, and high wear resistance. It is used as the carrier for multi-wire sawing to cut super-hard crystalline materials, such as silicon, gallium arsenide, indium phosphide, silicon carbide and crystal.

Product advantages

. Less kerf loss;
. Higher efficiency, capacity and precision;
. Lower processing cost.

Marsrock advantages

. Sourcing global best quality raw materials and key consumables;
. First class production machine and optimized layout;
. Rich experienced production and technical team;
. Most advanced lab equipment;
. Outstanding R&D capabilities, offering customized products;
. ISO9001: 2008 certified;
. Extensive application and technical services.


1. Base Copper Parameter
Base copper trademark Oxygen-free copper C1022
Copper purity Cu≥99.97%
Electrical conductivity ≥100% IACS
Resistivity ≤0.01724 Ω·m m2/m


2. Coating Thickness and Composition(can customize according to clients' technical requirement)
Coating Alloy Type Coating Composition Coating Thickness each side (mm) Coating Thickness Tolerance (mm)
Leaded Sn60% Pb40% 0.01-0.04 ±0.01
Sn62% Pb36% Ag2% 0.01-0.04 ±0.01
Lead-free Sn97% Ag3% 0.01-0.04 ±0.01


3. Mechanical Characters for Commen Spool Product
Elongation ≥15%
Tensile strength ≥150MPa
Side camber L≤8mm/1000mm


4. Physical Dimension and Tolerance of Common Spool Product
Thickness range 0.045-0.35mm (can customize according to clients' technical requirement)
Thickness tolerance ±0.02mm
Width range 1.0-2.5mm (can customize according to clients' technical requirement)
Width tolerance ±0.08mm
Common Specification of Tabbing Ribbon(mm) (Spool Package)
0.18×2.0 0.22×2.0 0.24×2.0 0.27×2.0
0.20×1.5 0.23×1.5 0.25×1.5 0.30×1.5
0.20×1.6 0.23×1.6 0.25×1.6 0.30×1.6
0.2×1.8 0.23×1.8 0.25×1.8 0.30×1.8
0.2×2.0 0.23×2.0 0.25×2.0 0.30×2.0

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life

Tinned copper ribbon should be stored in dry and ventilated room, where should be no acid, alkail, or harmful gas and the indoor relative humidity should not exceed 60%. Place it horizontally while stacking and avoid the carton extrusion&vertical placement, meanwhile, the stacking quantity of same products not exceed five layers or 1 ton. The shelf life can be up to six months since the production date.

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