3.2mm 4.0mm solar panel ARC PV Float Glass

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√ Brand DONGKE
√ Product origin HANGZHOU,CHINA
√ Delivery time 7-15DAYS
√ Supply capacity 2400.0000SQM/YEAR
- Our photovoltaic glass has excellent light transmittance, ensuring maximum absorption of the sun’s energy.
- Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity through optoelectronic semiconductor materials.
- Our glass is designed with advanced optical technology to eliminate visual distortion and provide the best image quality.

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- We supply glass with high transmittance and low reflectivity to ensure optimum efficiency for solar panels, greenhouses, solariums and solar glass arc applications.
- The high strength of our solar glass guarantees excellent durability, resistance to hail, mechanical shock and thermal stress.
- Our solar glass production process follows strict quality control standards to meet our customers' exact specifications.
- We provide custom solutions backed by our exceptional customer service and technical support teams.
- Our solar glass products comply with industry standards including UL, ISO, IEC and more.
- Our solar glass panels have been tested and approved in several markets around the world, including America, Europe, Asia and other regions.


Our 3.2mm ultra-clear float solar glass, also known as photovoltaic glass, is ideal for solar panel production. The glass has incredible light transmission and is specifically designed to optimize the performance and output of solar panels, allowing the maximum amount of sunlight to pass through the underlying semiconducting layer, converting solar energy into electricity.

Our solar glass is made of materials with high light transmittance and low reflectivity, ensuring maximum efficiency and energy saving. It is not only suitable for solar panels, but also for greenhouses, solariums and solar glass arcs. This high-strength glass features advanced optical technology that eliminates unwanted distortion to maintain optimal image quality.

Investing in our ultra-clear float solar glass means trusting in a reliable, long-lasting solution that will dramatically increase the efficiency and output of any solar panel system. With their exceptional durability and resistance to harsh environmental elements, you can depend on our products to deliver consistently high-performance results for years to come.

Choose our 3.2mm ultra-clear float solar glass for a high-quality, cost-effective solution designed specifically for your solar panel production needs.

Technical Data

1.Thickness: 2.5mm~10mm; 
2.Standard thickness: 3.2mm and 4.0mm 
3.Thickness Tolerance: 3.2mm± 0.20mm; 4.0mm± 0.30mm 
4.Max size: 2250mm× 3300mm 
5.Min size: 300mm× 300mm 
6.Solar Transmittance (3.2mm): ≥ 93.5% 
7.Iron Content: ≤ 120ppm Fe2O3 
8.Poisson's Ratio: 0.2 

9.Density: 2.5 g/CC
10.Young's Modulus: 73 GPa
11.Tensile Strength: 42 MPa
12.Hemispherical Emissivity: 0.84
13.Expansion Coefficient: 9.03x10-6/° C
14.Softening Point: 720 ° C
15.Annealing Point: 550 ° C
16.Strain Point: 500 ° C


Terms  condition
Thickness range  2.5mm to 16mm(Standard thickness range:3.2mm and 4.0mm)
Thickness Tolerance  3.2mm±0.20mm4.0mm±0.30mm
Solar Transmittance (3.2mm)  more than 93.68%
Iron Content  less than 120ppm Fe2O3
 Density  2.5 g/cc
 Youngs Modulus  73 GPa
 Tensile Strength  42 MPa
Expansion Coefficient  9.03x10-6/
 Annealing Point  550 centigrade degrees

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