Strong Backsheet Solar Panel for Reliable and Sustainable Energy Production

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√ Brand DONGKE
√ Product origin HANGZHOU,CHINA
√ Delivery time 7-15DAYS
√ Supply capacity 2000.000SQM/YEAR
PV products are widely used in many industries because of its energy-saving, environment friendly and long life. Back sheet is the critical factor to ensure it’s more than 25-year working-life. The solar module back sheet is on the surface of the PV module. After bonding with EVA, it can block the air to make a vacuum seal for the core region of the module. In order to ensure that, the primary task of the seal is to be water-proof, air-proof and electricity-proof. So the solar module back sheet should have high electrical insulation, high weathering resistance, high adhesion and low water vapor permeability.

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Core Technology
High Fluorine:
Created the interconnected penetrate technology of high fluorine symplectite, with organic integration of the multi-fluoride raw material——Enhance the anti-ageing capability, improves weather resistance
Precision Coating:
Ripple-free high-precision coating technology makes coating of the surface smooth, and the uniform consistent——Enhance the density of the surface coating, improves electrical insulation properties
Nano-titanium silicide plasma processing techniques to enhance durable surface energy——Upgrades package compatibility, improves adhesion of EVA and silicone binding agent


Density ≈2.5g/cc
Solar Transmittance(3.2mm) ≥91%(93% for AR glass)
Iron Content ≤120ppm
Poisson's Ratio ≈0.2
Young's Modulus ≈73GPa
Tensile Strength ≈42MPa
Hemispherical Emissivity ≈0.84
Expansion Coefficient 9.03×10-6m/k
Softening Point ≈720℃
Annealing Point ≈550℃
Strain Point ≈500℃

Application Advantages

1. High Weather Resistance
Through the accelerated ageing test of double-85 for 1000 hours, there will be non-delamination, non-cracking, non-foaming, as well as non-yellowing, no embrittlement after ageing by artificialultraviolet radiation exposure (QUVB) test for 3000 hours.

2. High Security
Security grade has passed the flame-retardant UL94-V2 flame-retardant grade. The UL flame spread index is less than 100, which effectively guarantees the module security features.

3. High insulation
TUV Rheinland of PD>=1000VDC (based on HFF-300), whichcan avoid electrical arcing module.

4. High Water Vapor Resistance
By infrared water vapor permeability tester, the water vapor permeability rates≤1.0g/m2.d.

5. High Adhesion
After the nano-plasma treatment, the surface energy of high fluoride levels can last 45mN/m or more within six months.

6. High-end Match

Suitable for large-scale photovoltaic power plants with the crystalline silicon cells module package.

7. High Compatibility
Good compatibility comes from the bonding with the other packaging materials of module.

8. High Efficiency
For its double-sided adhesion, there's no need to distinguish the backsheet's positive and negative when components packaging, which brings convenience for technicians.

9. High Flexibility
The adhesive data of the bone package for the module and EVA could be adjusted as per the clients'requirements.

Performance Improvement

Our TPT symplectite coatings contain highly dispersed nano titanium silicide and high thermal conductivity materials, which greatly improve the High-FluoroCocrystal solar cell backsheet performance.Mainly in:
High Scratching Resistance
The high scratching resistance gets rid of these shortcomings of traditional coating, such as the surface of anti-scratch performance is poor, during the coating operation it is easy to get scratches or peel off, thus affecting the backsheet anti-ageing properties, etc.
High Reflectivity
Improves the light's second reflection, enhances module output power, and increases the competitiveness of client module.
High Heat Dissipation
Improves power generation efficiency of the backsheet by accelerating heat dissipation.

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