Super Clear Pattern Glass Low-iron clear Pattern

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Product origin HANGZHOU,CHINA
Delivery time 7-15DAYS
Supply capacity 1.5GM
12 years limited workmanship warranty.
No less than 97% output power in the first year.
No more than 0.7% annual declination since the second year.
25 year warranty at 80.2% power output.
Product liability and E&O insurance has been covered by Chubb Insurance

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Patterned(textured) glass is also a kind of glass, and there are different called such as "Patterned glass", “Embossed glass “or "Rolled glass", which is belong a kind of flat glass, it is made of flat glass by calendaring molding.
Meanwhile, It is with a transmittance in the optical characteristics of non-transparent and rich patterns.
It has the characteristics of good decoration and is widely used in various places.
Our common patterned glass patterns include Wooden , Rain-B pattern,  Moru,  Nashiji, Stripes,Karatachi ...all belong to patterned glass.


Super Clear Pattern Glass (3)

The surface of patterned glass is printed with unique patterns.
The main production process is roller method.
Patterned glass is a kind of opaque glass, but it will not block the light, and it also has a good protection for privacy.
Therefore, the concealment of patterned glass is used in toilets, partitions, glass windows and other places, which has strong decoration and practicality.


Indoor or building decorations,:
"Laundry, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining, Living Room, Gym, Hotel,Furniture, shower screen, door and window, interior glass partitions, balconies, glass shelving, kitchen fittings and work tops " etc.

Product Patterned  glass
Application Decorative glass
Thickness 4mm or 5mm
Size According to customer needs
Color Clear , Ultra clear
Shape Flat
Structure Solid
Quality Meet Europe and America market standrad
Delivery time 10-20days after receiving deposit

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1.Why choose XinDongke Solar?

We established the business department and a warehouse which covers 6660 square meters in Fuyang, Zhejiang. Advanced technology, professional manufacture, and excellent quality. 100% A grade cells with ±3% power tolerance range. High module conversion efficiency, low module price Anti-reflective and high viscous EVA High light transmission Anti-reflective glass 10-12 years product warranty, 25 years limited power warranty. Strong productive ability and quick delivery.

2.What are your products lead time ?

10-15days fast delivery.

3.Do you have some cerfiticates ?

Yes, we have ISO 9001, TUV nord for our Solar Glass, EVA film, Silicone sealant etc.

4.How can I get a sample for quality testing?

We can provide some free small size samples for customers to make a testing. Sample shipping fees should be paid by customers. kindly notes.

5.What kind of solar glass can we choose?

1) Thickness available: 2.0/2.5/2.8/3.2/4.0/5.0mm solar glass for solar panels. 2) The glass used for BIPV / Greenhouse / Mirror etc. can be custom according to your request.

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