Superior BIPV Solar Panel Glass with Highly Effective AR Coating Technology

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√ Brand DONGKE
√ Product origin HANGZHOU,CHINA
√ Delivery time 7-15DAYS
√ Supply capacity 2400.0000SQM/YEAR
3.2mm ultra clear solar glass for BIPV module
3.2mm ultra clear solar glass is also called photovoltaic glass which mainly used on solar panel because of its super light transmittance rate. Solar panel is a thin layer of optoelectronic semiconductor which converting solar energy into electricity. By considering its efficiency, we are using High- transmittance and low reflection glass for its panel. This high strength glass maintains the best image quality by eliminating unwanted distortions with the advanced optical technology.

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1.Thickness: 2.5mm~10mm;
2.Standard thickness: 3.2mm and 4.0mm
3.Thickness Tolerance: 3.2mm± 0.20mm; 4.0mm± 0.30mm
4.Max size: 2250mm× 3300mm
5.Min size: 300mm× 300mm
6.Solar Transmittance (3.2mm): ≥ 91.6%
7.Iron Content: ≤ 120ppm Fe2O3
8.Poisson's Ratio: 0.2

9.Density: 2.5 g/CC
10.Young's Modulus: 73 GPa
11.Tensile Strength: 42 MPa
12.Hemispherical Emissivity: 0.84
13.Expansion Coefficient: 9.03x10-6/° C
14.Softening Point: 720 ° C
15.Annealing Point: 550 ° C
16.Strain Point: 500 ° C

BIPV Module Glass AR Coating 6
BIPV Module Glass AR Coating 2


Terms  condition
Thickness range  2.5mm to 16mm(Standard thickness range:3.2mm and 4.0mm)
Thickness Tolerance  3.2mm±0.20mm4.0mm±0.30mm
Solar Transmittance (3.2mm)  more than 93.68%
Iron Content  less than 120ppm Fe2O3
 Density  2.5 g/cc
 Youngs Modulus  73 GPa
 Tensile Strength  42 MPa
Expansion Coefficient  9.03x10-6/
 Annealing Point  550 centigrade degrees

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BIPV Module Glass AR Coating 1
BIPV Module Glass AR Coating 5
BIPV Module Glass AR Coating 6


1.What are your products lead time ?

10-15days fast delivery.

2.Do you have some cerfiticates ?

Yes, we have ISO 9001, TUV nord for our Solar Glass, EVA film, Silicone sealant etc.

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