Over 95% share! Brief introduction to the development status and market prospect of photovoltaic aluminum frame

Aluminum alloy material with its high strength, strong fastness, good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, strong tensile performance, convenient transportation and installation, as well as easy to recycle and other excellent properties, making aluminum alloy frame in the market, the current permeability of more than 95%.

Photovoltaic PV frame is one of the important solar materials/ solar component for solar panel encapsulation, which is mainly used to protect the edge of Solar glass,It can strengthen the sealing performance of solar modules, It also make an important affect for the life of solar panels.

However, in recent years, with the application scenarios of photovoltaic modules becoming more and more extensive, the solar components need to face more and more extreme environments, the optimization and change of the component border technology and materials is also imperative, and a variety of border alternatives such as frameless double-glass components, rubber buckle borders, steel structure borders, and composite materials borders have been derived. After a long period of practical application has proved that in the exploration of many materials, aluminum alloy stands out due to its own characteristics, showing the absolute advantages of aluminum alloy, in the foreseeable future, other materials have not yet reflected the advantages of replacing aluminum alloy, aluminum frame is still expected to maintain a high market share.

At present, the fundamental reason for the emergence of various photovoltaic border solutions in the market is the cost reduction demand of photovoltaic modules, but with the aluminum price falling to a more stable level in 2023, the cost-effective advantage of aluminum alloy materials is becoming more prominent. On the other hand, from the perspective of material recycling and recycling, compared with other materials, aluminum alloy frame has a high reuse value, and the recycling process is simple, in line with the concept of green recycling development.


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Post time: Sep-25-2023